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May 11, 2023
The Canadian affordable housing landscape

How can we provide housing that is more affordable, environmentally friendly and livable, all at once? Throughout the next few months, we’re exploring this type of question. With a fantastic team of collaborators, we’re running the Better Housing Solutions Lab, which is funded by the Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation. The hope is that the lab will be a catalyst to drive action and innovation in the affordable housing sector.

Our team initiated this lab alongside

This episode is a second installment of the Better Housing Lab Series that explores issues surrounding affordable housing and serves as homework for our lab participants.  

To understand how we might innovate and improve future housing projects, we wanted to understand the Canadian housing context. What is the history of housing in Canada? What are some key challenges and factors of success?

Today John chats with a former professor of his. Dr. Sasha Tsenkova joins us for a conversation to better understand the affordable housing landscape across the country.

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