Kensington Corner
The New Kid on the Block
Experience the future of community living with Kensington Corner - our new home of Intelligent Futures.
As a ‘micro-scaled’ mixed-use development, Kensington Corner represents a new approach to variety in communities that is typically reserved for projects at a much larger scale. By integrating living and working spaces, Kensington Corner can serve as model for a resilient, post-pandemic kind of development that is within reach of far more people in a city than a typical developer-oriented project.
Taking meaningful steps to lower our carbon footprint and create healthier spaces.
active mobility
Strategies to encourage the IF team to arrive through people-powered transportation
creative expression
Working with local artist daniel j kirk to animate the street.
mixed use
Home for Intelligent Futures and the family of Founder & President, John Lewis.
Design, technology, furnishing and finishing to enhance the comfort of everyone.
commmon sense sustainability
Intentional and thoughtful design and construction to reduce our impact.
Corner Stories
Read more about the Kensington Corner journey from ideation to implementation.
June 21, 2024
A (Partial) Look Back at Our Projects of 2023
B Corp
Kensington Corner
Social Development
December 8, 2023
Navigating Digital Engagement and Collaboration at Intelligent Futures
B Corp
Kensington Corner
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