How can an aging shopping centre bring new life to the community?
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Bunt & Associates
2020 Alberta Professional Planning Institute Award of Planning Merit
Intelligent Futures led public engagement efforts, using a number of tools and techniques to discuss the potential of shopping centre site redevelopment with neighbourhood residents, shoppers and other stakeholders.
Since 1958, the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre has served as an important retail and commercial resource for the surrounding neighbourhoods in southeast Edmonton. However, with a growing population, changing needs, and the planned construction of a new light-rail transit station at the Shopping Centre’s southern edge, it is time for a change.
Putting the community voice at the centre of the change process

Morguard's Connect Bonnie Doon initiative was a revolution for the long-term future of the Bonnie Doon Shopping Centre site in Edmonton. Through a three-phase engagement process, the community, tenants, and citizens of Edmonton were given a voice in the revitalization of this community retail and commercial resource. With a comprehensive Master Plan, Morguard took careful measures to ensure that all stakeholders' goals and expectations were met. The engagement process generated over 3,550 unique ideas related to the planning, design, and programming of the redeveloped shopping centre site, making it a collaborative approach to site planning that truly put the community first.

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What We Heard