How do you position memory and history in a growing community?
Canada Lands Company
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Intelligent Futures was commissioned by CLC to design interpretive signage for Alexandria Park’s Trasimene Heritage Walk in Calgary’s Currie neighbourhood.
Canada Lands Company (CLC) has developed the community of Currie on the site of the former Currie Barracks Canadian Forces Base in southwest Calgary. A key question for the redevelopment of the community remains how to weave the history of the site’s former use as a military base into the contemporary design of the community to prompt reflection among its residents. The Letters Home project was conceived by CLC as an immersive experience, taking visitors on a journey to celebrate the heroes who sacrificed so much not just for Canadians but for the world as a whole. These interpretive signage are located at key locations throughout the Trasimene Heritage Walk (a protected provincial heritage asset), and are anchored by a cenotaph at the heart of the site.
Memory in place

Discover the hidden stories of Canada's military history through a captivating installation of twelve signs. This project require extensive archival research, photographic restoration, and art direction to create a design language that is both engaging and respectful. The goal was to inspire visitors to stop and reflect on the sacrifices made by Canadians in challenging world-historical circumstances. The installation's content and design are carefully curated to evoke themes of courage and service that unite four individuals from different backgrounds, generations, and perspectives. Each plaque is a unique reflection of the profiled individual's experiences, using actual correspondence and consistent iconography to demonstrate their shared sacrifice.

Thanks to the families of these individuals, the installation is a touching tribute that will leave a lasting impression on all who visit.

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