How can we use small town feel to create a unique sense of place?
The City of Airdrie (Alberta)
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Intelligent Futures led the development of the Placemaking Framework that translates these placemaking ideas into an actionable toolkit for impact by providing recommendations to enhance events, physical spaces and programming to support resident and business connections.
Placemaking contributes to the well-being and vitality of communities by providing spaces for people to gather, connect, and participate, promoting physical and mental health, supporting local businesses, reducing dependence on cars, preserving cultural heritage, and strengthening community bonds. Amidst continued rapid growth and change, Airdrie is committed to integrating placemaking into efforts across departments within the municipal government.
Placemaking as a way to improve life in the community

Intelligent Futures led the development of this comprehensive 5-year placemaking strategy that embodies the essence of a small town feel. Through an analysis of over 4,000 community engagement points of feedback, case studies, policy research, and in-depth interviews with residents, the team has identified ten guiding principles for placemaking, supported by five downtown and eight city-wide placemaking actions. The strategy provides a how-to guide for leaders to shape the future of placemaking in Airdrie, emphasizing the importance of connecting people and spaces to create a sense of trust, safety, belonging, comfort, support, engagement, and pride.

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