Setting the course for the next generation of warrior women
Stardale Women's Group
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In 2023, the founder and executive director of Stardale Women’s Group, a Calgary organization which seeks to amplify the voice of Indigenous young women, found herself ready to enter retirement and pass Stardale onto the next generation of warrior women.
Faced with the enormity of organizational transition and the need for new leadership for the organization, Stardale turned to Intelligent Futures to collaboratively set the course for the next generation of leaders to join the team. Critical to this transition was the ongoing need to capture and integrate local Indigenous worldviews and practices to evolve the program to meet the needs of participating girls today and in the future!

Over five months, the team embarked on a collaborative strategic planning process that saw a review of the current state, an identification of possible futures, and the creation of a new path forward for the organization. Through an in depth learning stage involving document review and community conversations, Intelligent Futures reviewed the past and present context of Stardale. The team also looked into precedents and trends related to Indigenous governance and leadership models, developing a snapshot of the current situation and beginning to establish the desired future state for Stardale. The preceding work informed a one-day planning retreat with the Stardale Board and key advisors, where strategic priority areas and corresponding actions were developed to resolve the key issues and move Stardale closer to its desired future. For the Indigenous women and girls Stardale serves, this Strategy furthers Stardale’s mission so they can live in a strong, supportive, and inclusive community where they are equal participants in Calgary’s future.

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