How can we maintain environmental integrity while accommodating millions of visitors from around the world?
The Town of Banff (Alberta)
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Intelligent Futures developed Banff's first environmental master plan through a journey of extensive research, collaboration and stakeholder engagement.
The Town of Banff is the first incorporated municipality within Canada’s National Park system, and is shaped in ways large and small by its proximity to nature. It also is the key service centre for the millions of visitors who come to Banff National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Canada’s first National Park. Striking a balance between conservation and tourism creates continual tension and opportunity for innovation. Across six focus areas (air, ecology, energy, wildlife, waste, water), a suite of goals, indicators and actions, The Environmental Master Plan aims to place Banff on a path towards an ambitious vision for environmental integrity.
Striving to be a world leader in environmental innovation

Intelligent Futures led the development of Banff's first Environmental Master Plan, a comprehensive and inclusive framework that sets a vision for the environmental future of the town. Through a three-phase approach that involved data and policy review, stakeholder engagement, and reporting and recommendations, the plan was developed with input from over 1,400 participants representing various sectors. The EMP focuses on six key areas, including air, ecosystems, energy, sustainable transportation, waste, and water, with 68 actions designed to achieve positive environmental impacts. The plan was accepted unanimously by Banff Town Council in January 2019, and serves as a flexible and adaptable guide to address environmental challenges while respecting existing town plans and priorities.

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