Empowering the community to engage in agriculture in a just and sustainable way
City of Beaumont
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Beaumont Urban Agriculture Plan
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With an abundance of arable land and sunshine, Alberta is known for its vast fields of grain and cattle ranching pasture that span from the Rockies all the way to Saskatchewan. Today, more and more agriculture is happening in Alberta’s cities too.
Cultivating, processing, and distributing food locally helps to encourage social interaction, enhance food security, reduce our ecological footprint, mitigate climate change, and contribute to reconciliation and food sovereignty. Yet, without a plan, preconceived perceptions of agriculture, negative externalities, outdated bylaws, and limited resources and supports are significant barriers to engaged communities that support a wide range of agricultural activities.

Intelligent Futures collaborated with the City of Beaumont to develop their first Urban Agriculture Plan, to empower the community to engage in urban agriculture while connecting new local initiatives to Beaumont’s rich agricultural heritage in a just and sustainable way. To address the challenges of our time effectively, the City recognized a need to embrace more adaptable, citizen-driven models of urban agriculture that prioritize the common good. Intelligent Futures guided the project through a comprehensive research process, paired with user experience interviews, online questionnaires, youth engagement, and workshops with the community and local experts. This approach ensured the plan was grounded in local knowledge, aiding the City of Beaumont in making decisions that reflect community interests. Standing on the shoulders of the people, projects and policies that are implementing urban agriculture initiatives in Beaumont today, the plan provides guiding principles, a long-term vision and set of goals, and a detailed approach to implementation supporting community involvement across 12 key actions.

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