How can we utilize the community's strengths to create a more sustainable future?
The Town of the Blue Mountains
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Town of the Blue Mountains Future Story
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The Town of the Blue Mountains retained Intelligent Futures to develop a long-term sustainability plan hat focuses action across community systems.
Located on the southern shore of Georgian Bay, The Town of the Blue Mountains is known for diverse recreational opportunities, rich agricultural lands, orchards and an emerging vineyard sector. The Town’s population of approximately 7,400 people is supplemented by another 3,200 dwellings occupied by part-time residents, attracted to the area for its location and natural beauty, creating pressures on resources and the local economy and community. The CSP is intended to shape local decision-making by supporting the protection of their natural environment and making choices that will support a healthy, successful, and welcoming community for the next 50 years.
A brighter future for the Town of the Blue Mountains

The Town of the Blue Mountains (TBM) has taken a significant step towards a sustainable future with the development of TBM Future Story. This plan is designed around four 'big moves' and 20 'bold actions' to achieve TBM's long-term vision of a thriving, innovative, and sustainable community. The plan was developed through three phases, beginning with a Current State Report summarizing the realities of TBM's context based on research and community perspectives. Phase 2 involved engaging the public through surveys, workshops, and a mobile kiosk to gather input, leading to the creation of a long-term vision statement and goals. Phase 3 brought everything together, leading to the endorsement of TBM Future Story by the Town Council in July 2022.

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