A holistic plan for implementing equitable healthcare
Fraser Health Authority
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Fraser Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy and Action Plan
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As the largest regional health authority in British Columbia, Fraser Health is continually working to improve health outcomes for over two million people living in the lower mainland, the most linguistically and culturally diverse region in the province.
In Fraser Health’s commitment to transforming the healthcare system in BC, they turned to Intelligent Futures to develop their first Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy and Action Plan. Faced with the enormity of creating a more equitable and inclusive healthcare system, the strategy aims to identify and address complex systemic barriers that prevent equitable environments for all people serving in and served by Fraser Health.

To begin building an actionable EDI strategy, the Intelligent Futures team undertook a comprehensive engagement review and analysis of previous engagement programs with equity-seeking groups in the region. Building on a foundation of research, engagement and existing EDI initiatives built within the organization over the last 10 years, the core elements of the Strategy were collaboratively developed through a rigorous 3-day Strategy Sprint with partners from all across Fraser Health. Using this methodology, Intelligent Futures led the project team and decision-makers through a capacity-building process that fostered a shared understanding of the issues, protocols, and actions necessary to realize the identified goals. Enhanced partnerships across departments are a critical component to addressing inequities and coordinating various EDI initiatives. Through the strategy development process, the stage has been set for Fraser Health to engage in meaningful collaboration and action over the next five years to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive healthcare system. The final strategy represents an important milestone in ensuring a more equitable and inclusive healthcare system at Fraser Health.

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