Exploring culturally appropriate housing solutions for larger and extended Muslim families in need
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IslamicFamily is a faith based social service agency, working alongside community partners, agencies and government bodies to provide culturally and spiritually sensitive services to more than 5,000 Muslims every month in the Edmonton region.
Throughout their mission to break the cycle of poverty in their community, housing has continually underpinned most issues impacting the equity, affordability, and sustainability of those in the greatest need. Faced with the overwhelming uncertainty and complexity of housing development, Intelligent Futures collaboratively led a National Housing Strategy Solutions Lab, in partnership with SAS Architecture, ASK for a Better World, and AnotherWay, to begin IslamicFamily’s journey into providing innovative affordable housing solutions. Through an intensive process that collaboratively explored this complex system, the Lab team co-created and tested solutions with an interdisciplinary group of individuals, resulting in a set of three conceptual financing and design solutions reflective of Islamic values.

In the pursuit of creating a more inclusive and accessible housing landscape for Muslim families, it was imperative to IslamicFamily that we rethink the systemic structures and cultural paradigms of how we build housing. Continually faced with the prevailing belief that pursuing innovative solutions and contributing to the common good must compromise practicality and realistic application, the Lab process worked to guide IslamicFamily through the complexities of culturally appropriate housing development, understanding nuanced factors, and synthesizing diverse inputs into a coherent plan that is both ambitious and impactful. The Intelligent Futures team has shared the learnings from the Lab to provide other Canadian communities with ideas, models and solutions that can create positive impact and change in the Islamic community by building culturally appropriate housing through the Halal Open Source Guide. At the same time, IslamicFamily has momentum, and a clear path in front of them to turn affordable halal housing from an idea into 40+ units of new affordable housing for larger and extended families in Edmonton.

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