Assisting Veterans in the transition from service to stability
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)
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Veterans Village Housing Lab Community Engagement & Outreach Toolkit
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Canadian veterans face unique challenges post-service that significantly impact their ability to secure stable housing.
Most face an abrupt change in their employment and social networks after military service. In Alberta, there is evidence that veterans representing 7% of the homeless population and more often than not their living circumstance is compounded by intersecting medical and mental health issues. To address these multifaceted issues, the Veterans Village Lab was initiated by Intelligent Futures in collaboration with Green Violin and funded by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. This project aimed to discover innovative housing design and financing solutions specifically tailored to veterans’ needs.

The Veterans Village Lab facilitated meaningful engagement with Veterans from across Canada to deepen the understanding of their experiences that could inform a unique perspective on the Veterans Village model. Insights from the lab’s Veterans highlighted the need for building empathy and understanding among the community members who might see a Veterans Village developed in their neighbourhood. Consequently, an open-source engagement toolkit was developed to streamline engagement in the site development of such a project, by enhancing opportunity for discourse and learning among those who live nearby. This toolkit facilitates tailored conversations and serves as a blueprint for engaging communities on veteran-centric housing. By offering resources to existing communities, the Veterans Village Lab aims to transform perceptions and dialogue surrounding veterans and their housing needs. Ultimately, making the transition for Veterans into housing one that is embraced by the community and leaves those who served our country to feel welcomed and safe at home.

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