How can organizations serving older adults work better together?
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The United Way Calgary & Area commissioned Intelligent Futures to lead an in-depth feasibility study of a common referral system for seniors-serving organizations to support the care of older adults in the Calgary region.
Since 2019, the United Way has led the Healthy Aging Alberta initiative, which has consulted with service providers to understand the context for service delivery in Alberta, the broader social determinants of health among older adults in the province, and the potential for coordination and improvement among community-based seniors-serving organizations.

Intelligent Futures worked closely with the proponents of and participants in the Healthy Aging Alberta initiative to explore the prospect of a common referral system for community-based seniors-serving organizations in Calgary and area. Collaboration in this sector is often marked by funding challenges, system navigation issues, capacity shortfalls, and a lack of a broad overview of offerings. The resulting process explored regional systems mapping, the user experience of older adults accessing sector resources, and promising practices drawn from other jurisdictions. 

This exploratory process revealed a general interest in the possibility of a CRS for Calgary and area from the perspective of both service providers and community members, built connections and capacity within the regional sector, and ultimately provided a complete medium-term work program with 14 key recommendations and supporting actions to be implemented over a 10-year period.

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