Building a network of community allies for older adults
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Under the oversight of the United Way of Calgary and Area, Healthy Aging Alberta is a network of organizations focused on developing a coordinated sector in Alberta by bringing together community-based organizations around a common framework for action, with a focus on identifying and addressing priority areas related to healthy aging in the community.
In their mission ​​to make Alberta one of the best places in the world to grow older, Healthy Aging Alberta identified the need to embrace more adaptable, forward-thinking methods that prioritize the common good in this ever-changing landscape. In 2022, Healthy Aging Alberta turned to Intelligent Futures to lead an in-depth feasibility study for the development of a common referral system for community-based seniors serving organizations to support the holistic well-being of older adults in the Calgary region. Intelligent Futures worked closely with the Healthy Aging Alberta network to explore solutions through a mix of direct research in regional service mapping and senior user experiences, alongside reviewing successful strategies from similar networks from around the world. This exploratory process revealed an interest in developing a common referral system for Calgary and area from the perspective of both service providers and community members. Collaboration in this sector is often marked by funding challenges, system navigation issues, capacity shortfalls, and a lack of a broad overview of offerings. The final medium-term work program provides a practical, effective strategy that can be implemented successfully amongst a team of committed organizations, built upon the connections and capacity building integrated into the planning process.
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