How can we make 8 communities accessible and inclusive by 2030?
The Municipality of the County of Kings
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The Accessibility Plan
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Intelligent Futures and Level Playing Field created a plan that reflects the everyday lived experiences of Municipal and Village residents and sets an ambitious approach towards becoming an accessible community.
The Municipality of the County of Kings and the seven Villages of Aylesford, Canning, Cornwallis Square, Greenwood, Kingston, New Minas and Port Williams (collectively known as “the Villages”) are committed to becoming accessible for all before 2030, aligning with the provincial Accessibility Act. This requires preventing and removing barriers that restrict people from fully participating in society across all aspects of accessibility, including the built environment, transportation, employment, goods and services, awareness, and recreation.
A more accessible community for everyone

Intelligent Futures and Level Playing Field teamed up to develop an accessibility plan for the Municipality of Kings and the Villages. Through a series of investigations, they identified the assets, barriers, and opportunities for improvement for the current and future state of accessibility. The plan comprises seven focus areas, including built environment, transportation, and recreation, all working towards a common vision of an inclusive and accessible community for all. The plan identifies 17 propelling actions for the next three years that build momentum towards full accessibility by 2030. The Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee, comprising half of people with disabilities or those working with them, reviewed and accepted the draft plan in the spring of 2022.

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