How can we evolve downtown to become a thriving and vibrant part of life in the city?
The City of Red Deer
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The City of Red Deer commissioned Intelligent Futures and Urban Strategies to develop a comprehensive and forward-looking Downtown Activation Playbook (DAP) to address many of the challenges the Downtown currently faces.
Located midway on the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor, the City of Red Deer is known for being one of Canada’s most entrepreneurial cities. However, the City’s downtown faces many pressing challenges ranging from high commercial vacancy rates, minimal housing and overall negative community perceptions of crime and safety in the area.
Charting a new path for downtown

Intelligent Futures took on the task of envisioning the future of Downtown Red Deer and charting a new path forward. Through a comprehensive strategy process that involved multiple stakeholders, they developed the Downtown Activation Playbook (DAP), which aims to position the area as the vibrant heart of the city. The Playbook includes 8 Streams of Action, and 8 Strategic Moves that outline the specific actions that will bring the community's vision to life. With a focus on crime prevention, event planning, and diversification, the DAP provides a clear direction on how to make Downtown Red Deer a more active, desirable and visited place in the future.

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What We Heard
"I just want to say how much I appreciated the way you worked with the group and helped us navigate the work, while not directing us towards any specific destination. The whole IF Team is super friendly and extremely good at what you do. If I didn't love what I do so much, I'd ask to be able to join your team just to have such a great group of folks to work with!! Thanks for everything!"
Downtown Activation Committee member