How can a college become a living lab for sustainability?
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Seneca received a Colleges & Institutes Canada (CICan) Sustainable Development Goal Awards for Sustainable Development.
Seneca commissioned our team to build upon the institution’s legacy of sustainability initiatives by developing its first-ever Sustainability Plan.
Sustainability is a core value at southern Ontario-based Seneca College and an academic and operational priority for the community of students and employees who define the postsecondary institution. Seneca is committed to taking on the challenges of rebuilding the economy, equity and sustainability. As an institution focused on delivering leading-edge polytechnic education that combines rigorous academics with practical training for approximately 30,000 full-time and 60,000 part-time students across 160+ programs at 7 campuses, integrating sustainability into the life of the college is a big, worthwhile challenge.
Integrating sustainability in to all elements of college life

Through careful research and collaboration with faculty, staff, and students, Intelligent Futures was  able to identify key organizational structures needed for an acceleration of sustainability success. The Strategy Sprint, a three-day intensive planning session, brought together key stakeholders to develop the plan's governing vision, goals, and key actions. The resulting Sustainability Plan spans leadership, community, operations, and education and research, establishing a foundation for a coordinated, strategic, and collaborative approach to sustainability at Seneca. With implementation underway, Seneca aims to achieve the highest sustainability rating from the international Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System by 2023.

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