How can we understand what livability means to the community and then measure it over time?
The District of Sparwood
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2020 Planning Institute of British Columbia Honourable Mention for ‘Research & New Direction in Planning'
Intelligent Futures led a multi-faceted process that brought together a variety of inputs into understanding, defining and measuring livability for Sparwood.
The District of Sparwood is undergoing significant changes to the community, including the expansion of local mining operations. The study emerged from a condition of environmental approval from the BC Environmental Assessment Office as part of Teck Resources’ expansion of mining operations in Sparwood in order to understand factors related to livability and to monitor key indicators over time.
Rigorously measuring livability over time

Intelligent Futures led this innovative approach to ensuring the long-term quality of life for residents in Sparwood. With nearly 1,500 citizens participating in the process (out of approximately 3,700), the team developed a series of livability indicators that reflect the values and priorities of the community. Through evaluation of current livability, input from the public and subject matter experts, and insights from leading jurisdictions, the indicators cover important areas such as water and air quality, economic diversification, lifelong learning, and healthcare access. These indicators will be monitored in the coming decades to understand the impacts of mining expansion on the community, providing a holistic and unique way to understand change and ensure a high quality of life for Sparwood residents.

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