How can we enhance social development through regional collaboration?
The Tri-Municipal Region
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Blythe Butler
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The Intelligent Futures team was commissioned to lead the development of a social development plan that improves the well-being of individuals in the community to allow them to reach their full potential.
With the phase-out of traditional coal-fired electricity generation, the Tri-Municipal Region of Stony Plain, Spruce Grove and Parkland County faced an economic challenge to navigate this change to the region's employment base. A Tri-Municipal Regional Plan was identified as the path to improve governance, service delivery, fiscal capacity, social sustainability and economic benefit for the region's citizens. The Social Development Plan serves as a supporting plan for this new, innovative approach to regional governance.
Improving the social well-being of everyone in the region

The Tri-Municipal Social Development Strategy is a creative and collaborative effort between three municipalities of varying sizes, services, and needs, developed during a time of unprecedented social change in the region. The people-first plan was based on extensive primary and secondary research and focused on five social dimensions, including diversity & inclusion, healthy relationships, poverty reduction, housing, and Indigenous Truth & Reconciliation. With a total of 43 actions falling under four categories, the strategy was developed collaboratively with social development experts within each municipality. The creation of a Steering Committee and the added capacity of a Social Development Coordinator are foundational steps to drive collaborative social development efforts across the three municipalities in the Region.

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