How do you communicate a place’s promise to the world?
Brooks Region
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Intelligent Futures was commissioned to lead a branding and communications strategy for the Brooks Region.
Five member municipalities of the Brooks Region commissioned a Branding & Communications Strategy to present their promise to the world. This effort was spearheaded by a leadership group of economic development specialists and political representatives from each municipality (City of Brooks, County of Newell, Town of Bassano, Villages of Duchess and Rosemary). The brief was ambitious: build a distinct brand for a young, diverse, and vibrant region in southeast Alberta to promote economic development, improve recognition and awareness among target audiences, and attract new investors and visitors to the area. The team worked closely with the leadership group to build a brand platform, create design concepts and templates, and consolidate outcomes into a consistent, comprehensive, user-friendly strategy.
Telling a new story

The creation of Brooks Region's brand platform was a detailed and comprehensive process that involved research, consultation, and design expertise. The team considered regional impressions, economic factors, and stakeholder input to develop an identity that reflected the region's resilient and industrious character. Through the development of audience personas, the team ensured that the brand would resonate with key target groups. The resulting brand identity emphasized the Region's promise, market position, value proposition, vision, values, and personality, and has been successfully incorporated into marketing and promotional initiatives on local, provincial, and national levels. The launch included a range of exciting tactics, from social media accounts to giveaways, which have helped to generate interest in the Region's economic opportunities.

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